Protect Your Family From Mold Growth

Protect Your Family From Mold Growth

Get fast mold restoration services in DeRidder, LA

Mold infestations are serious. They can cause health risks, structural damage and decrease the value of your home. Hire a professional to restore your home in DeRidder, Louisiana. Patriot Environmental & Safety Solutions LLC has a certified indoor environmentalist on staff. We'll send a team to your home for fast, reliable mold remediation. As part of our mold restoration services, we'll take samples of the area and send them to an accredited lab for analysis.

Our mold remediation includes plans for your air ducts and drywall. Plus, we provide advanced air filtration services to remove airborne spores.

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3 signs you have mold

Mold can creep its way into your home quickly, spreading like wildfire. It's important to keep an eye out for signs of mold. If you notice them, you need to schedule mold restoration services immediately.

You may have a mold problem if...

1. Your home smells musty and damp.
2. There are black spots on the walls.
3. You have a chronic, mysterious cough.

Worried about any of these signs in your home? Contact us today to set up a mold remediation appointment.