Damaged Carpet Decreases Your Home's Value

Damaged Carpet Decreases Your Home's Value

We'll take care of your carpet repair service in DeRidder, LA

Not sure how to repair your carpet? No worries. Patriot Environmental & Safety Solutions LLC has you covered. Tears, rips and other carpet damage can ruin the look and feel of your space. Our team's carpet repair service will fix the problem ASAP. We provide services throughout the DeRidder, Louisiana area. For more significant stains or missing pieces, we can use surface grafting to replace 2- to 6-inch sections with brand-new carpet.

Call 337-375-5948 today for more information. You can speak directly with one of our team members about your service.

Let us handle the repair process

Carpet damage isn't easy to repair. Luckily, we know how to repair your carpet properly so you won't run into problems down the road. Our carpet repair service covers...

Rips and tears.
Missing pieces.

Make an appointment with us today. We'll inspect the damage and provide you with an estimate.