Say Goodbye to Household Allergens

Say Goodbye to Household Allergens

Recruit a professional carpet cleaning company in DeRidder, LA by calling Patriot Environmental & Safety Solutions

Carpets collect a lot of dirt and grime. Every few years, you should get professional carpet cleaning service. Patriot Environmental & Safety Solutions LLC uses hospital-grade machinery to clean carpets well. Our team in DeRidder, Louisiana will inspect your carpets, recommend any potential repairs and clean them thoroughly. Our system is steam-generated, so it's safe for young children and pets.

Dirty carpets can affect your family's health. Get more information today by calling 337-375-5948.

Professional service at an affordable price

Hiring a carpet cleaning company ensures high-quality deep cleaning. Patriot Environmental & Safety Solutions can repair and clean your carpets quickly to give you a fresh, safe space for your family.

We recommend carpet cleaning service because it...

Removes up to 96% of household allergens.
Extends the lifespan of your carpets.
Helps prevent dirt buildup and odors.

Clean up your home with help from our carpet cleaning company. Contact us today to set up your service.